Digital Media Art

ART 345
Wednesday 2:35 am- 5:30 pm
Spellman Hall 115

In this course various fields generally grouped together as the ‘digital arts’ are introduced. This will include digital photo and computer image manipulation, use of still images to build a time-based film and simple video film editing including sound. Project assignments will concentrate on the acquisition of basic imaging and multimedia skills, and the aesthetics of digital art as an expressive art form. Students have access to video and sound editing programs within the digital imaging lab but must provide their own digital and/or video cameras.


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The Metamorphosis
(graphic novel)

The Metamorphosis
(original text)

On The Road
Glengarry Glen Ross script


Storyboard example
YouTube to mp3 converter
Art of the Title
Saul Bass: Title Champ


GIF Animations
Stop Motion Animations
student projects on YouTube