Week Six: March 13 – 17

This week I finished up some of the projects I was working on in the week prior, such as the crafts for Juicy Juice’s April Calendar. I took photographs of a coworker writing a grocery list so that it could be made into a stop-motion animation graphic. I was also able to make an April Fool’s craft, which looked like a spilled ice cream cone. I made it out of an ice cream, paint, glue, and sprinkles. It took a few days for it to dry completely. I was also tasked with finding some stock images as well, and resizing all the images (stock and photographs) so that everything could be finalized for the content calendar. ¬†Once all that was done, most of the content for Juicy Juice for April was pretty much complete. I did have to go back and photograph some of the steps for some of the crafts, but that wasn’t too big of a deal and didn’t take up too much time. After finishing up what I had for Juicy Juice, I was able to work on some stuff for SunnyD, including a Brand Voice Book. I added some pre-written content and copy and formatted everything. This was the first time I got to use something other than Photoshop – I was able to use inDesign, which was super exciting. Afterwards, a coworker and I were tasked with getting a handful of donuts and photographing them in various spots outside the office for one of Dunkin’s new promotions. We joked that we must have looked crazy to everyone else: standing in Bryant Park taking pictures of donuts.


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