Week Eight: March 27 – 31

This week I completed my 100 hours. I spent most of the week working on the SunnyD Brand Voice Book, as this has become priority. I added some more pages for content, and even created infographics and charts for some of the content. On Monday I went out into the city and shot some images for Dunkin’ Donuts with a fellow worker. ¬†On Friday, I resized several images for SunnyD for Twitter for the April calendar. I also started creating a contact sheet for the SunnyD photoshoot the company did a few weeks ago. I was able to make some revisions to the SunnyD Brand Voice Book, after it had been seen and approved by the rest of the SunnyD Team. Although I’ve completed my hours, I’m going back to continue doing some work, as I’ve enjoyed my time here.

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