Week Five: March 6 – 10

Looking back, I feel like I haven’t done as much this week as I have in past weeks. It’s probably just because there hasn’t been a lot going on, even though technically the work load has doubled for the office. Earlier this week I helped photograph products for Rembrandt. This was quite challenging as the toothpaste tubes were too reflective, so trying to photograph them without a glare was a bit hard. It took several rounds of photographing and adjusting the lights before there was an acceptable level of no-glare on the products and in the pictures. So that actually took up the majority of my day. On Friday, I started working on new crafts for the April content calendar for Juicy Juice. Some of them I was able to finish, and others I have to wait for some supplies to be ordered. So I’ll be able to continue with those next week. I made a tree out of Juicy Juice boxes for Earth Day, as well as a plastic bag holder out of a big jug of Juicy Juice. ┬áThose two crafts I was able to finish and photograph.

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