Week Four: February 27 – March 3

On Monday this week, my immediate supervisor was out sick, so the rest of the creative department was scrambling to find things for me to work on. This gave me the opportunity to work on several different projects for different clients, and experience new things. For SunnyD I had to order food from InstaCart to be delivered so I could recreate a recipe and photograph it. I had to order several different juices and fresh fruits to fully recreate the end product. I then helped one of the other Senior Art Directors trace an image of a floor plan in illustrator. The rest of the afternoon was spent helping the Creative team for Dunkin’ Donuts. They had me run to Dunkin’ to buy some of the newer products that are being sold so that I could later photograph them so that they could be used for social media posts. Later in the week, when my supervisor returned, she asked if I could help clean the Creative Room, as it was getting quite messy and disorganized. Once that was done I helped to create and format some powerpoints for SunnyD’s new campaign and photoshoot. It was mostly copying and pasting copy from a word document and such.


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