Week Seven: March 20 – 24

Since I have finished the crafts needed for April, I’ve been able to do a lot more actual design work this week than usual. Of course that means I’m doing a lot of searching for stock images, but that’s ok. Aside from a lot of stock image searching, I’ve had to resize those stock images to fit various social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. On Monday I did that for Sensient. I also had the chance to create my own images for Sensient Facebook. It mostly included added some text to a stock image, but being able to actually design it was something that I don’t get to do often. I also made some banners and buttons for the Juicy Juice website and email blast, which was basically just resizing images again. On Friday, there wasn’t that much to actually do, as my supervisor was still waiting for feedback from other departments and clients, so a lot of time was spent trying to find something for me to do. I was able to add some images to the SunnyD Brand Voice Book, as well as continue to search for some stock images for Juicy Juice, and resizing more images for Sensient. I photographed some juice boxes so that they could be photoshopped into some ads for Juicy Juice as well.SENS-APR2Fruit Doodles

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