Week Three: February 20-24

This week was only half as long as normal because the office was closed for President’s Day. Even when I returned later in the week, the office still seemed pretty empty, and less busy than usual. This was because majority of the staff was at a photoshoot in Brooklyn. So my only day in this week was pretty quiet, as compared to normal. I had been working a lot for Juicy Juice recently, but since most of that work has been done I was able to work on stuff for Sunny D. A lot of the work is really similar though. I spent a lot of time looking for stock images for different social media posts that would be made and posted later. I resized some of those images as well so that they fit better in Facebook’s format. I made one St. Patrick’s Day themed craft. Similar to the Juicy Juice Leprechaun Box Wraps, I was tasked to dress up a bottle of Green Apple Sunny D as a leprechaun, which was later photographed. I spent some time photographing various Sunny D products so that my supervisor and I could photoshop them into some of the stock images I had found earlier. I spent a lot of time at my desk working on my computer than I did in the art room making crafts, which was a different pace for me.

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