Week Two: February 13-17

Week two came and went. A lot of what I’ve done has been a continuation of projects that I’ve been tasked to work on. So I started this week finishing up some of the projects and crafts I had been working on last week, and then started newer projects once I finished those; which I continued to work on in the later half of the week as well. Last week the crafts I was assigned to create were “season appropriate”, I’ll say – they were St. Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day themed. But this week I started working on some Halloween crafts and decorations. It seemed pretty out of place to be making Halloween themed crafts in February; but it was still fun to do nonetheless. I was able to resize some images for social media content, which posed as a break from all the craft-making. I was also able to help put together some photos for a shoot for a client I don’t normally work with, which was something different to do. By the end of Friday, I had completed everything that I had been assigned to do. Next week the company is off for President’s Day on Monday, so I’ll have the opportunity to start some new projects next Friday.DC2A1177

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